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Kpop tickets
In-game items
Crypto meets intuitive design
Seedless recovery
Split your seed phrase in 3 parts for enhanced security. Recover wallets using only 2 out of the 3 parts
1-click transaction
Approve and sign your swap and bridge transactions with a single click on your Smart wallet.
Pay any
Pay gas fees in a token of your choice for transactions on your Smart wallet. Never worry about gas again.
Secure and Effortless
Thryll is a self-custody wallet that never takes control of your keys. Keys are stored locally on your device, encrypted by your biometrics. Features such as verified contracts, connected wallets, spam token filters, and human-readable transactions further ensure a secure and seamless experience for you.

With Seedless Recovery, you can split your seed phrase into 3 parts, each stored in 3 different locations with just 3 clicks. To recover your wallet, use any 2 out of 3 parts.

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Explore a variety of rewards through crypto staking and discover the many perks beyond just earning more crypto. From Starbucks gift cards to K-pop concert tickets, staking can be a fun and rewarding way to diversify your earnings.

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